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Oh Julia, here I am, you knitter darling. Julia, this is so much more than I ever thought it would be. I remember when you first came around, I used to watch you on the show and I always thought that you were so pretty and you seemed so down to earth and friendly. I miss it so much that I wanted to make you a dress. You are one of the lucky ones; you get to wear a dress every once in awhile. So here it is, the perfect gift for you and good luck on those upcoming shows. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am enjoying knitting it for you. All my love,Your knit lover,-JuliaAwww, I love you Julia. You knit a special hat for JuliaJulia, you deserve a special hat. So, lets go find some yarn, some fancy needle and some other supplies. You and Julia go in search of the yarn and the supplies. Julia, youve found a nice, warm woolen hat in the hat shop. You make a small note to yourself, I should get a bigger hat at some point. You go back to your bedroom and take a deep breath before turning on the television. The next day you go to the same hat shop and the same store. Julias hat doesnt look the same as the previous three.

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celebrities who knit