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The list of celebrities caught filming on, the: phone. This is how you can get yourself caught on Hollywood Tape. If you are, following: one or, both, please keep on going. M going to post the link to the celebs sex tapes here on hollywoodtape. You get up and start heading to the computer rooms, but not before noticing Olivia following you. You quickly turn, not wanting your girlfriend to see you. As you rush to leave the room, you hear the girls shrieks and the door opening up. You run over to the front door and open it with ease, startling Olivia and the girl. Then you run out onto the street where you duck into your house and quickly shut the door. S too late; the police have already arrived on the scene and are now on a tear through the house. T stay in the house while the police search for the tape, her phone will be useless. T trust the police to save her from the clutches of these guys. You head out the front door to escapeYou walk over to the front door and as quietly as you can, you open it. You run up the stairs and you run straight to the bathroom and lock the door. You pull out your cell phone and call the police. This could be the last thing you ever do on Earth. You listen intently for the police to pick up, but there is no answer.

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celebrities who have sextapes