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George Lucas, all of whom were a part of some of the most memorable entertaining comedy series of all time: The Twilight Zone, MASH, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, The Lone Ranger, and more. You dont know how goddamn exciting it is to have those names right there next to you, next to yourself. All those people that you lost or never had the pleasure of meeting are right there for all to see and know and feel and know. Its all I have in me, and all you have in you and everything together. No, he replies simply, his eyes glancing around the room. I really think you should let me join you in this. Itll be the greatest honor youll ever receive from anyone, let alone from me. The world is so fucked up right now, and I can help you make it a little bit better with my expertise. I may even stay a little while longer. Ill stay here so you can make the world a better place and not worry about it anymore. Ill be here and see to it that you dont have to worry about making a living, if you can help it. You cant help but smile as you watch him walk off, knowing it will be the best decision youll ever make. You head down to the basement firstWell, I dont know what else to do in this fucked up world, so lets get down to business, you say. You quickly head upstairs, unlocking the door to get inside your room. It takes you less than five minutes to get settled, and you spend the rest of the day in the basement doing your own thing. Its the last day, and youve spent the entire day in the basement, listening to music, playing video games and engaging in other mindless activities. Suddenly, you hear a noise outside your door. Oh yeah, thats just one of those things that come through here on a regular basis, You stand up from your couch and head towards your door, hearing the sound of a car driving away. If you got a car, youd probably want to leave the house before that thing gets you, you say.

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celebrities who have died recently