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There is no reason to run when it seems like the situation is going to be taken in the direction you should be moving towards. You are sure that you will be able to get back, if you do not take the worst case scenario and just start running for your life. You walk out of the front door, slowly but in the right direction. You do not really notice that you are walking past some police cars in the street, until a man is staring at you from the top of one of them with a gun in his hand. He has no uniform on, no bulletproof vest, no weaponized baton, he is simply dressed like a citizen looking in your direction. You are quick to move behind something and as he turns back to look at you, he turns and runs off. You head back home as quickly as you can. But ultimately, you are not going back to the house. The world has changed and you will need to make sure that you live your life in a better way than your neighbors do. You turn the car on and start your engine. Your house is not too far away and you begin driving home. You drive to your house and you drive as slowly as you can. The people in the streets are clearly in a state of mourning, while the local police have been standing around doing absolutely nothing. You cannot go back to the house because you are sure that the cops will be more than happy to kill you and your friends if you do. At least not without a lot of work going into it. You turn the car around and begin driving back to your town. You drive slower and get out of the car. You speed up a bit as you begin to get out of the car. The people in the streets are also speeding up a bit. You pull in to your driveway and quickly exit your car.

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celebrities who have been arrested