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And now, for your amusement, The Celebrity Youve All Been Waiting For. The Movie Star Who Had His Face Covered In Braces. Yeah, The Worlds Most Famous Movie Star, The Most Famous Movie Star Of All Time, The King Of Movie Stagnation, The One And Only, The Hollywood Movie Legend, Clint Eastwood, Is Here To Tell Some Of Us How Movie Stars Should Live For Our Pleasure. So, what is this movie star about to tell all of us next. You are the Hollywood Movie StarYeah, you can probably guess a few of The Hollywood Movie Stars most famous statements. Theres a thin line between doing just what the director tells you to do and doing what the audience wants you to do. Too often do actors try to do both at the same time, resulting in a performance that is flat and unconvincing. Acting is not merely an intellectual exercise, its a skill, and its a skill that requires practice. There are a lot of ways to do it, so there is no right or wrong way to do it. There are right and wrong ways to do it anyway. The audience never gets what the director is aiming for because the audience sees the action through the protagonists eyes. The protagonist is the directors projection of the audiences emotional response to the scene. This is the only time the audience does not always see what the director wants them to see. Its the only time the audience can see things a little more clearly than the director. You have to be able to feel fear, anger, love, hate, guilt, and everything else that the human soul can experience. If you are unable to feel something, then your work will suffer. If you are unable to feel something that the audience is feeling, then you wont succeed as a director. A director who is able to use the most effective emotionalism with the least possible sound effects is a great filmmaker. The best thing a film can do for your career is to keep you interested. If the film is only going to have you sit through five minutes of a movie that you dont want to sit through, then the films not going to have much success. Its not going to be a good film, its not going to have a long life. A film that has you engaged from the first minute to the last minute is a film that will stay with you for a long time.

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