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In his first public comment since being elected president, Donald Trump said on Thursday that he has no hesitation in telling the world if a friend did something wrong. I would do that, he said when asked if he would tell the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, that he must do the same. The two leaders are scheduled to discuss trade and North Korea at an economic forum in Danang, Vietnam, on Friday, where Mr. Trump is also expected to unveil a new economic plan though he has not yet indicated how, or if, it will differ from previous proposals. The president-elects comments came during a short question-and-answer session with reporters before joining the throng of world leaders attending the Vietnam summit. After asking a reporter about a tweet he had written criticizing the press, Mr. Trump went on to defend his Twitter use: Im not always going to agree with you. But youre entitled to get whatever audience you want, and Im entitled to get my message out. He also reiterated his view that were an open society and that if he thinks he has been treated unfairly, he will ask for a retraction. The number of people taking their lives could be cut in half by introducing a nationwide ban on the sale of the powerful painkiller that causes hallucinations in a quarter of patients, scientists have claimed. Researchers at Bristol University say the number of annual deaths in the UK could drop from 13,000 to 5,000 if the government acted to make the painkiller readily available to relieve pain, and stop them turning to illegal drugs and alcohol. The findings could lead to a huge rise in addiction and the development of new, unapproved drugs, which could cause even more deaths. The drugs that cause hallucinations are widely available in the UK and are also found in some legal highs and drugs that have been withdrawn from the market. Professor Chris French, from the school of social sciences at Bristol University, said the government is not doing enough to prevent people from using the drugs. He said: A simple, straightforward prescription scheme would be a huge step forward. The reason most people in the UK dont have a prescription is they dont want to be dependent on a licensed drug. The most deadly drugs in the world Show all 11 left.

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celebrities who gained weight