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In other words, they relearning about their values. As you read the words on the screen, you notice several celebrities from different fields. You see a couple of sports celebrities, then you see some that youve never heard of. S obvious that a lot of them support Trump. Suddenly, the lights go out, waking you up. You grab the remote and turn off the TV. You grab some food from the kitchenette and then you go to grab a jacket from the closet. When you get back, you start to phone home. I thought they stopped working when we switched to D-cell batteries. I dont know, but it probably has something to do with the batteries. If you need anything, just ask me. You pull the phone up and see the caller ID. Its a local area code so you know it has to be in the area. I tried to call you several times, but the internet is down across the entire country. T let that stop me from doing what needs to be done. M really sorry that everything is out of control right now. Ll do my best to fix things. You tell her everything you can remember. You tell her how important the internet is to your career and how important the stock market is to your financial well-being. Ve tried everything to keep the internet working. Ve never been so close to it than you are right now.

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