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You feel your blood pressure rise as you imagine you could be one of these people that you could have been connected to. It seems like this should be the purpose of your visit. Still, you have some questions you need answered before you can know for certain. You start to say, as she continues, Wed greatly appreciate it, since wed really like to go to the location where it happens. The woman smiles at your hesitance, but she says nothing. You begin to say before the woman interrupts you. I mean, Im not supposed to share too much information with anyone, much less with you. Ive been trained that its to keep me safe and alive, and its not like this is classified material for you. Uh, well could you just tell me the general location where it happens. Im sorry, but I will say that I am one of the few who have been able to learn of what I need to know about this event when I was still a little child on my homeworld of Eruzeen. My family was a bit of a nomadic lot, and we were always looking for ways to expand our territory wherever the chance presented itself. My life as a farm girl had been somewhat of a ruse for me to learn of a secret way in our neighboring forest, and so on my first trip into this tree I was able to access to some sort of area which is full of what I believe, and Im sure you guys would agree, are alive now. I dont know what the long-term consequences might be, but it is what it is. As for what the future holds, no one seems to care. I think Ive made my point clear now. The woman turns around and walks away, leaving you in the room of the small metal door that was stuck open earlier. It turns to be a large metal door with a large sign above it. WARNING – LIFESENSING GARBAGE CANNOT BE LIFTEDOkay, were getting out of here after this. You exclaim, as you and the others get up and look all around.

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