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Some celebrities havent aged over the past 20 years. Keanu Reeves turned 55 on September 2, but he has defied aging altogether. These stars defy time and space in their inability to age. 40 celebrities who dont seem to have aged over thepast 20years. 2 endoftext Image copyright Reuters Image caption The number of migrants arriving in Italy could be doubled, it is fearedUp to 200,000 migrants are due to be rescued at sea this year in Europes largest effort to address the biggest refugee crisis since World War Two. The rescue operation will be led by the UN in the Mediterranean for the first time and supported by ships from several EU countries. But the plan has been criticised by human rights groups and by some of their own members. A large number of migrants are believed to have taken to the seas in recent weeks as winter approaches. The operation is intended to increase the number of rescue ships able to operate in the Mediterranean, according to the UN, which will also take part in rescue operations off the Libyan coast. The EU is trying to improve the situation on its southern borders by helping the Libyan navy and coastguard to do better job at controlling the route which migrants take to the west in an attempt to reach Europe. It also wants the EU to step up security at sea, particularly at the crossing points between Libya and Italy and the southern tip of Spain. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption The BBCs Alan Johnston: I saw many bodies floating in the water at sea. It was horrendousImage copyright AP Image caption A rescue boat is being used to rescue migrants off the Libyan coastThe EUs external border agency Frontex is leading a similar operation. The operation is being overseen by the Italian coastguard and the Italian Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre, Cimare.

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