Celebrities who don t believe in god

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We are justifiably glad he allowed this honor to be weaved into this unusual request for our ministry. I am sure everybody in this room will be sitting in judgement inthe near future when the world is in flames. While youre not necessarily surprised by this last statement, it still puts you on edge. Even though you know that you shouldnt be, you are a little afraid to meet the judgement that some of the people in the room have said theyll be sitting in. You feel compelled to sit next to a man who is dressed in a black tuxedo. You see some other people sitting around in the room to your left and right and your immediate surroundings dont seem very dangerous. You should all be so lucky, the man in the tux says as he extends a hand to you. His smile is friendly, but this is the second time youve encountered a hand in your life and the first time you dont like it. You take his hand and sit with all the others. You notice that many of them are smiling as well. Im Joseph, heres my credentials, Im a preacher. Well no, Im not a regular pastor. Theyre a lot less impressive than my. He holds up a piece of paper that contains your name, title, location, contact information, and address. The other pastor here has a lot more experience. He has a flock of thousands, a full-time, full-year staff, and regular church income. If that makes you an expert in running a church, then Id say youd do pretty well. Youre about to retort, but the man interrupts you. But dont take this to mean that youre not qualified. Im sure youre going to be doing plenty of work as long as there are people to do it. Not many people do, Im sure. Im going to give you one last chance to prove yourself. I want to see how youll respond if I bring you in here to do.

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celebrities who don t believe in god