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You continue typing as your fingers glide over the screen in perfect, fluid motions. Im not sure if y-I can see youre doing it, Ms. I dont think Ive ever seen you write anything. The words come to you without you having to think about it. I think I had a very close relationship with Jesus Christ. I tried to follow His teachings, to live a life similar to Him, until the day He died on the cross for the sins of mankind. I have never felt such strong and overwhelming emotions since that day with Him at that tragic time. You dont even stop to think about what that means, you simply continue:I loved Him. I loved Him enough to put all my trust in Him. And I can honestly say that I always thought that was the way the relationship should be. You hold back the laughter you feel at yourself. You must have gotten a little over-enthusiastic there because you quickly snap yourself back to reality. I spend a great deal of time thinking about the fundamentals of my trade, and I often think about the past and what Ive been doing lately. Well, maybe you should just go through your mind and write what comes to mind. She seems genuinely happy telling you whats going through her mind. Thats a very rare thing youve usually encountered with people before, but not with Ms. She smiles a bit at you and then begins writing. You say Youre the best writer Ive ever had the pleasure to meet. Youre the best writer Ive ever had the pleasure to meet. The next morning, you wake up just as Ms.

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celebrities who believe in jesus