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And, as much as I would love to blame it on the internet, I am starting to get a little concerned and I think it might be time for IRL discussion. What follows are some of my, likely biased, thoughts on who some of the more well known celebrities are that I have come across in my day to day life on the internet. A quick note before we get started. Weve got a lot of people who qualify as jerks in real life, but somehow in this subreddit, they are somehow all good people. Im not saying its a myth, Im just saying I think its a little weird. This is mostly self-explanatory, but please let me know if you realize any other names I should addremove. A few people seem to be talking about some of the celebs who arent celebrities. Most of them seem to think that their opinion of these celebs isnt the same as your opinion. This is mostly people who arent famous, but dont fit into the above categories. Some of them have actually done pretty well in life.

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celebrities who are jerks