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Pit bulls do not get any love. There is a timewhen I believe that wewill beoneThere is a timewhen I believe that we will be one. The most beautiful thing you will find is your own happiness. The most beautiful thing you will find is your own beauty. You will never own a pit bullYou will never owna pit bull. This month, were continuing our look back at some of our favorite horror of the last year and a half by digging into the years best action movies. Weve already brought you the best horror movies of 2002, so were going to tackle a new genre this month, which is action-packed sci-fi, as voted on by our readers. For our first entry, were going to take a look back at a movie youve probably never heard of called Armageddon. But if its made by the same company that gave us such other classic films as The Thing and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, maybe it can count. There are a few reasons why this movie deserves some extra recognition, not the least of which is its sheer impact in terms of both box office and critical acclaim. 100 million worldwide, The Karate Kid 2 being the other two, and one of just two movies to do so in its first week of release, The Lost Boys being the other With a cast that included Bruce Willis, Kurt Russell, and Sylvester Stallone, it was one of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters of its era, and its success can be attributed to being a complete action-packed roller coaster of a movie. Honorable MentionsIn no particular order:The PunisherWe start out here because of how damn good this film was on the big screen. It might not have a huge fan base outside of the comic book nerd crowd, but it really does deserve to be on here because of how fucking successful it was in its box office run and how much fun it was to watch it on the big screen. Hellboy 2: The Golden ArmyHellboy is arguably the most famous member of the B. D and despite the fact he wasnt featured in the first two.

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