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Baby photos from that time are also on this wall, but this is a really cool wall. Youve probably never even seen one of these. But Im sure you know what porno magazines are. Theres nothing like porno mags to calm a troubled mind. I remember the time my mom took me to see a movie of all things. She gave me the porno mags and I remember reading them while I was in the theater which calmed me. I was talking with my mom and she brought it up to me and I took it. She pauses and looks at you in awe, You really are an old soul. Im honored that you can remember such a thing. Im so fucking glad I was the one who could get you those porno mags then. You wouldve been so fucked up, never have made it out of the basement. She continues to talk to you a little longer, but you were so busy staring at the old magazines you missed most of what she said. She starts to get more excited and the pair of you are soon speaking at a higher level. I mean, Ive seen these things before, but Im not sure if they meant anything to me. I was just that weird kid who read the weird stuff that was put up on the basement walls. I read all those magazines that were put there to scare me into being a little more manly, and I laughed so hard I got dizzy. I read everything except for those things that were meant for children. The horror comics that were only meant for little girls. I thought I was the only one who was crazy for finding them funny. But, now I finally get to have a proper talk with someone that actually matters at that time. Thank God I was a poor, lonely loser that liked the horror genre. Otherwise I wouldnt have gotten any of these cool moments. His body is that of, well a man whos actually a man with dark hair and a goatee.

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