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You keep wearing themYou keep wearing them because they are comfortable and they do fit you well. You keep wearing themAs much as you want to keep wearing them, you dont like looking at yourself in them. They are a really good looking outfit for a movie because they are professional like. When you get home, you are getting tired. Your feet are sore from all the walking and the heels are getting uncomfortable. You think you need to change your clothes. T want to waste time looking for something to wear with them. You start looking for clothing on sale in the clothes department. You find a nice blue dress with a green sash on sale that you think would complement the boots you are wearing. T afford a new pair right now though. Re going to have to start getting more soon or this is going to be a long trip home. You start picking out your new dress for the night in your room. When you put the dress on, your hands immediately start trembling. You quickly put on your boots and gloves before taking a seat at the dresser in your room. You slowly get up from your chair. You get your bag and you follow the woman that has taken a model shopping out of her room. Well I thought we might pick up at the Renaissance Faire which will be starting shortly. Oh well I dunno, I mean we could start tomorrow or we could start right now.

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celebrities wearing uggs