Celebrities, wealthy parents charged by FBI in college admissions …

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A scam in which most of the entrepreneurs who enter your school have a far greater grasp of the truth than most of the admissions officers who claim to be there to help them. For most people, there are two big issues with trying to enter a good school: the cost of it and the cost of the application.

But no, the most outrageous part of all this is that this scandal is being led by none other than the man who you supported in this very election. The man who you think that YOU are going to be serving behind what Im sure will be a fucking rock hard conviction. You open your eyes and grab your cell phone which is still on silent. You check the time on your phone and see its already nearly three in the afternoon. This is going to take a lot more than what youve got and in your state of semi-dazedness you think about how you dont have a lot of options right now. You look at the time on your cell phone and see youre going to be completely gone for days at this rate, so you call your mom and leave a message to let her know that youre going to be gone a few days or a week at the most. You dont bother to call your dad. You call home a lot anyway, but never call Mom. Youre a bit too busy trying to come up with an escape plan for yourself to bother calling her to tell her youre going out tonight. You pick up your phone when youre not in the shower and see youve got a long way to go. You decide to go to the library and see how long it would take you to find a place to stay. You end up in the same library where you first started your life of crime in and its not too far from your house so you decide to explore. You take a left when you find a large and well stocked book section and look for a little while and you start to get hungry. In any case you see a little hole in one of the walls and you creep around it and when you reach it you stumble upon a hatch in the floor inside which a beam leads down into a small crawl space that seems to go all the way to the ground. You reach in and find the floor is damp and your hand goes right into a big pool of it. You then take a look up at the ceiling where you find a similar but smaller pool of water. You cant even imagine how disgusting this must be in there. The only thing you can think about is that its probably not worth anything, just a big pile of dirt and cobwebs and no food or shelter. You have no idea where the ladder coming from would lead, but even if it does, theres no light source so you dont exactly know where to go now.

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