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He was by no means a jerk, he was a good man who had a decent life, and it was terribly tragic:It gets worse. A group of individuals calling themselves the White Power are active and attacking media websites, including ours, with a wave of denialism. The new year quickly turns into a terrible nightmare. 19:00:00I think youre wrongThe voices are loud and clear, but theyre just voices. All you can do is sit in silence. You continueAt this point, the voices cease and a short dark haired young man in a t-shirt and jeans approaches you, carrying a clipboard. He asks for your name, and his face is serious and sad, giving off a sense of being someone you shouldnt be too close to. The way he speaks about you and tells you to leave the world behind is very ominous. The fact that hes wearing a backpack and no other clothing doesnt help. Im sorry, but I was sent here to help you and your family because of something that happened in the past He says. Youre not the only family whos sufferingWhats going on. You ask, as if it were obvious to you what was going on. This is the 21st century and the world isnt going to last forever, we should prepare ourselves for whats right in front of us before its too lateYou cant help but shake your head. You feel like maybe hes right. Im sorry about your family He continues, it doesnt matter what happened to them, we all have families and Im trying to help you in your time of needThe man disappears after this statement. You leaveThe mans words dont make any sense to you, as youve never been in a situation where there would be no tomorrow. You turn your head around, to see that the man with the clipboard is still there. You cant see his face, but you assume its the same one you remember. We got a message yesterday about the White Power group attacking a television station here at the university.

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celebrities we lost in 2019