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Re really trying really hard to ignore your growing annoyance with the conversation. You were going to vote for Hillary at some point. S getting close to the time for you to go home. Re going to have to leave when you get a chance. Ll try to get through this conversation as quickly as possible before you run out the door. Ll be interesting to see how Lena reacts next. You leave the conference room with a sinking feeling in your stomach. When you get home and see your sister, you apologize profusely and tell her what happened between you two yesterday. S understandably more upset than you are, but she understands. Ve been having a fight with your sister over politics. You spend the rest of the day with your sister making up and spending time with each other. Ve been in a long time to feeling normal. Ve barely been able to stay awake. S been a crazy day, but I just wanted to talk to you for a second. Jess then opens up the door and steps out. A younger man with dark hair and a dark shirt steps out with a briefcase. You ask, trying to keep an eye on the guy.

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celebrities voting for clinton