Celebrities Undercover is an American reality television series, which premiered …

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I know it hasnt been really a positive thing in film and TV, but you were really a pioneer in this genre on a lot of shows. The term was invented by David Foster Wallace, in his book Infinite Jest, and has been used in various forms ever since. The concept was that, in the tradition of Hollywood films of the 1930s, in which leading ladies often played supporting roles, or nonexistent roles, and women were often only ever seen in the background, the idea was that women should be on camera. Women who were on camera should be seen and acknowledged in some way as women. Or at least they were, until the advent of television. AdvertisementBut we were already being on camera before television existed. It was, for better and worse, the womens liberation movement of the 1970s. I do think that as women in the 60s and 70s moved into higher positions in society, we were able to get an opening in a lot of these roles and we used that as a springboard to some degree. But when you look at the last 20 years of TV, its all been women undercovers. People talking to me about something they found on my face and in my voice and my body. In the case of my other career, writing songs, I just got lucky. I think the reason that Ive often been thought of as a singersongwriter was because of the songs Ive released and my status as somebody whose fame was mostly dependent on my image and musical skills. But in the cases of them especially, I know that it would be a mistake to view them as somehow derivative of being singersongwriter. AdvertisementWhen I first started out, my first demo was titled Unsung Voices. It was a collection of songs I had written about experiences I had had and those Id lived through.

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