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A man walks into the room, his face is covered in bandages from head to toe. There are several staples in his forehead and he has several sutures in his wounds. His eyes are covered and you can see only blackness in front of them. He has a scar running completely down his cheek. You recognize the man as a man you once knew, a man you had a few drinks with on a regular basis. Since he was a guest in your motel room you dont remember most of the details, but you know that he was a doctor. I was driving down the road and my foot slipped on a frozen patch of pavement. I tumbled out of the car, got myself wedged in the ice and broke my leg and several ribs. T enough beds in the hospital to handle my case. I was given the option of receiving a transplant or being put in a permanent vegetative state. You broke your leg in a car accident. Yes, the driver of car was driving too fast and slammed on the brakes. However, my leg was not expecting such sudden stop. Yes, I have a hard time rolling over at times. D like to be able to walk sometime soon. S no way I can be back at the hospital until tomorrow, tomorrow I will be too weak. T perform surgery, there must be someone on site who can. If not, then you can never return from this trip.

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celebrities under mk ultra mind control