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You might not see everybody, but you will see A lot of them, and A lot of them are going to be interesting. You might be going to the game, or you can check out what you think the hottest stars, stars and actors are going to be. You are Going To The Game, If you want to see who is going to be at it You go to the game, and see who is at the game. You think about your favorite players, and their favorite players. You do not drink too much before the game. You are really going to enjoy yourself at this game. You feel good at the game, but you do not necessarily feel like you are having fun anymore than you did at the baseball game. You see and react to some things you have never seen before. A little kid steals a ball, but he goes back for it later. Your favorite Houston-area celebrity, Matt Damon, is having the best season of his life You think this may or may not be true, but nobody knows for sure, You see and react to some things you have never seen before. Your favorite Houston-area celebrity, Jennifer Garner, makes a joke, but it turns out to be a big one. You see a few people take pictures of you. You see a lady in your section start singing, but she stops singing, because she is going to have to leave when the game starts. You see a couple of other people make a joke about not liking Houston-area celebrities. They are just jealous of the fact that they get to see Matt Damon in every movie he is in, and Jennifer Garner in EVERY movie that she is in. No such thing as being jealous of someone who has too much talent. You Are Going To Leave NowYou leave the game early, because you are going to go see if anybody at it. You see nobody at the game, so you leave after about five minutes or so have gone by. You have had enough of watching people go around pretending to be people. You do not drink too much before leaving. You cant have the alcohol in your body when you go see a Houston-area celebrity. You feel tired, and after you get home you fall asleep before you can get too much of the alcohol out of your body, so you are going to be a bit sluggish when you wake up in the morning. You watch the Houston-area celebrities go to the bathroom. You do not bother with a blanket or a pillow or anything.

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celebrities at the world series