Celebrities to leave if trump wins

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The Huge TV Reality Show will be a CALL TO RESIST. In the days after the election, you continue to check Twitter on your phone. A couple of people on Twitter say they will leave the country if Trump is re-elected. The majority of people are calling for you to go live in a tent in the woods. By the end of January, youve received one death threat. Another Twitter user claims that shell kill you because shes moved to Canada. By February, you really feel like you need to get away from the city. You start to wonder if you should sell the building and take all your money with you. When you get back, you find that your Internet connection is suddenly non-functional. At first you think its the power being shut down. It took me a while to find my car. Im at:I finally get back on Twitter, and see that there is still a lot of activity and discussion. You wonder if you should go ahead with your threat and threaten to kill someone else. Mattgabe: Ill send you a tweet of my own as proof that Im still alive. TheRealMattGabe: Who are you to say Im not alive. You just threatened to kill me, not someone else. TheRealMattGabe: I think youll be able to see that Im definitely still alive. By the end of February, a few people are calling you a traitor and a traitor. People are telling you all kinds of bad things. By March, you feel like you need to tweet something to prove that youre not a dead man. TheRealMattGabe: Im still alive, you know. The fake MattGabe calls you a traitor and tells people to kill you. You dont respond, but you do leave your phone off and ignore the person who is tweeting at you. At this point, some police start to investigate your tweet, which means youre no longer using a cell phone with the Internet. Some people think that youve died because they can no longer tweet at you from the Internet.

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celebrities to leave if trump wins