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So In The80s,We Cried,AndButIt WasReallyVerySadThe page will end with a link to an album with the photos. Photos from Getty ImagesYou check your phone to see if the guy from work left a message. He must have called you after all. You text back, Nah, it must have been that asshole who hangs up on you. You quickly get up and check the time on your phone since you know you have to meet John in a half hour. You see your alarm is set for 5:00 a. You think about getting up, but you think youll be too tired once again. Your eyes fall on your Twitter status. You see that John just woke up and is on a tweetstorm. Hes not responding to what youve written, hes just replying to all of the random people he follows at the moment, the last of which doesnt even seem to be you, Youre not following him. You ignore the tweetsYou dont want to be bothered by a 20-something mans thoughts on your life. I cant believe people still dont get it, he says. The world might be getting worse, but the people are getting better. The world is so full of hatred and violence, and not a single fucking person is helping. All the worlds an asshole and needs to be punched in the face. All it took for them to be wiped out was a guy going into town to get someones dick sucked. John starts getting more angry with every tweet. You open your eyes and stare at your phone.

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