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T even bother watching another new show until the Monday after the New Year. Though, part of that is you were just sick for the next few days, so you were all but unable to sleep in the day, and that made watching more interesting.

Kate HudsonThis is the most complete list as far as I know, so hopefully others will add to it. Posted: Thu 4:45 pmJoined: 10 Jan 2008Posts: 4976Location: The Land Down UnderI cant believe I havent done this before. Its more of a small personal one, but I figured Id ask it anyway. Im from the states and Im currently in my mid-twenties and have a boyfriend thats also from the states. I wanted to move back to the states recently, but he was against it. Weve had arguments about it before and hes basically said that he doesnt want to move to a different place to live because hes not sure about it yet if hes going to like it, and hes worried that if he has to move to another country, hell have a harder time finding a job. Im actually wondering if I shouldnt just say good bye to my boyfriend in a few months and move back to the states myself, just to be on the safe side. I dont want to lose him, but its starting to get a little scary for me to think about it.

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