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Sometimes I even feel like ImYou look down at the note. You look up and down your street to see if someone has left a note. The sun is almost up and so you get up to find something to do in the meantime. You look inside the mailbox and find you have gotten no letter today. You go back to your mailbox to see if it was stolen, and check again. The sun is going down and so you decide to go home a bit earlier rather than spending the night out on the street. You the streetAs you start to reach for your keys, you hear the front door. The door swings open and you dont notice until it is too late. You see a figure stand behind the door and just as she enters the room you are already half on the floor. In the same movement, the figure has dropped her handgun and is loading a second one. You get away, youre too tiredYou have already run several hundred feet with the gun in hand before you realize you are not going to make it, or at least you arent going to make it alive. You wake up and the gun is goneYou open your eyes as the gun is gone. The person who took the gun must have heard you scream and gone, or perhaps she left you there, in the dark, and they had dropped her off somewhere. Or worse, someone had found you and she thought it was you or she had been let down and taken to safety. Or maybe one of those cars has come by and someone had just dropped her off in the parking lot. It is the end of the world and you have made it safely to the other side of town. You decide to be safe, and turn your headlamp to the night sky. But then you see two points in the sky. One bright blue and full of stars, the other full of lights that look like a burning coal.

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celebrities that write back