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Lena Dunham can be seen on camera on multiple occasions and in public endorsing Hillary Clinton. Lena Dunham has a reputation for being a liberal, but she is also a very powerful celebrity with hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers and even a couple of high-profile acting movie roles. If Lena Dunham has a more liberal agenda, than it should come as no surprise that she would support Hillary Clinton. Lena Dunham also happens to be one of the few feminists to actually be successful in the entertainment industry. Lena Dunham is also a famous woman with her own TV show, which she is directing, which she wrote, which she stars in as well as writing and producing. While writing Not That Kind of Girl, which was inspired in part by her own experiences of sexual assault during her time at Oberlin College, Dunham detailed her experience with sexual assault victims who refused to come forward. Dunham admitted that she came up with the idea for the book in part because she was afraid of getting raped at Oberlin College. This experience gave Dunham the power to be able to write a book that not only discusses sexual assault, but also addresses other aspects of sexual assault. In Not That Kind of Girl, Lena Dunham explains that she didnt tell anyone about her sexual assault because she only did it to protect a boy from the same fate. The reason she felt she had to keep this secret is because she believed that a woman would always be at the mercy of a man. If a woman had done what she did to the boy, he would likely be dead. This type of mentality is exactly why sexual assault happens. If a woman had gotten away with her actions, many less deaths would have occurred in the world. The fact that a man killed this boy shows the exact types of crimes that women are capable of. I cannot believe that this type of behavior is okay in 2016 and that it is taken for granted that this is what is expected of women. I cannot believe that a woman who is a powerful figure in the world did this. Furthermore, I cannot believe that Lena Dunham thinks nothing of women who rape men. Her first instinct was to grab my arms and slam me into the kitchen floor. I wasnt really scared; what difference does it make whether I get raped or not. Know that a predator is lurking behind every corner. All we can do is stay vigilant and stay alive. I cannot believe that this is the type of thinking that is accepted in 2016 and that it is taken for granted that this is what.

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celebrities that support hillary