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Do you think smoking can cause diseases. Do you think smoking can hurt a person. Hey youre not all bad guys. Youre not all bad guys either. It all started when a woman was caught on camera punching and kicking her 2-year-old son, according to the Daily Mail. When the woman confronted her boyfriend over the video he said she was the one who did it and she was right that she was the one who kicked the boy. He claimed he didnt want her to use her kids as a reason to kick him out of the home and she wasnt going to be able to do it anyway, as she also has three other children to raise in that house by herself, so he didnt expect her to be able to kick him that often. The man told the woman that she should be proud that she kicked her kid even though he was trying to run away from her. She didnt seem to pay any attention to this, only saying, Fk you, you fking bitch. He said that she didnt know what the hell was going on. He also said that he really hated his life in general so as soon as his girlfriend kicked the kid, he just ran into his garage and locked the door. He only came out to ask her what was going on and she said I kicked your child. He said that she was very angry about that and the next day he asked her why she was so angry and she started yelling about how that she was a victim of domestic violence and how he hit her first. After going back and forth with him, the woman left and stayed out all night. She hit him three times with the gun, and he managed to get the gun from his hand. The pair then struggled and he managed to get away before she shot him once in the chest. She wasnt hurt in any way and she denies any involvement in the killing. She just admits to being angry with her boyfriend. The two have been charged with murder, and the mans death. ComThe latest video from the We Are Winning propaganda machine.

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