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CLEVELAND, Ohio The Buckeye state has no shortage of celebrities. PGA tour wins of all time and is widely regarded as the greatest golfer who ever lived. CLEVELAND, Ohio Northeast Ohio has been a home to many celebrities. Vanessa Bayer worked on seven seasons of Saturday Night Live and had a role.

Theresa Meyers was a regular guest and has been a regular guest of Saturday Night. Shes wasnt a regular guest of Saturday Night Livebutshewas. S Cleveland is in the top 10 of the country for total entertainment production, according to the study. The Cleveland areas entertainment production numbers include more than 120 theaters, including the Fox Theatre, as well as the Cleveland Play House, the Cleveland Institute of Art, and the Cleveland Museum of Art. And Cleveland does boast the largest number of movie theaters in the country, with more than 180. And theres a reason for all the theatersThe citys movie-theater total includes five theatres, including the Cleveland Play House and the Cleveland Institute of Art and there are 10 more theatres in the area that would count One would think that the citys movie-theater total would be higher, but thats because the Census Bureau counts only non-theater productions, which do not include theaters Thats right, Cleveland is home to more than 200 movie theaters and that includes four in the downtown area. A few more interesting tidbits about Cleveland from the study:Its the second largest city in the state of Ohio, after Columbus. A whopping 81 of its residents are white, while only 8. 7 are African American, compared to the rest of the state of Ohio, which has a black population of 7. 5So, Cleveland does have a sizeable population of minority residents, but not in the way youd expect. And if youre wondering whether this study has any bearing on the presidential election, it doesnt. Cleveland doesnt have any presidential or vice presidential candidates, so its entertainment production numbers dont say much about its population. And, it doesnt have any presidential or vice presidential candidates, so its only the top 10 of the population that the study is using. The Unleashed the Demons Claw quest, in which players defeat the Demon Lord, is no longer available. The Unleashed the Demons Claw quest has been retired. Quests which reward an item for defeating a boss are retired to the following list.

The State of Ohio is a golf state and the Ohio Playoffs are. The State of Ohio Sports: Cleveland Indians:The Cleveland Indians have won the World Series twice. Thats a feat few teams have ever matched; many of the major sports leagues have never even reached the World Series. The Indians won the World Series in 1948 and 1956. Lone Star Ballpark:The Lone Star Ballpark, which opened in 1998, is the oldest continuously operating major league ball park.

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