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Theres probably more Im forgetting, but the rest is just random stuff like a couple of tennis players, a local celebrity, two former presidents and a bunch of random stuff like that. I went ahead and made a map of the place, since I couldnt quite find it myself. Though I was about to give up after about half a mile on this particular road. When I finally got around to turning right onto the next street, the map started to show a little bit of a gap in the information. This was kind of annoying, but I was still too tired and still had to get to the hospital to get a little bit of sleep so I pushed on. The area around the hospital was really small, but it looked like an entire city center had been torn up. Im not sure where the hospital is, but I was going to have to look that up later on. Even without looking, I could tell this street was pretty messed up. Probably due to a war, because the place didnt look like it had even recently been in one. It was as though the area had been completely bombed. It was around this time that I became aware that I was still driving on the street as people were walking all around me. My heart felt like it was going to explode in my chest every time I saw one of them. I stopped at a police line as I had heard there might be more cars on the street. The officers there didnt seem to be moving at all. It seemed like they only had so much time before some of the other vehicles stopped driving for their own reasons. After walking around the street for a little while I saw that it was basically just one large parking lot on each side. However, I think the police were already aware of all the cars and knew to just close all of them up. I guess you could say it was the first day of Spring here, as there werent that many cars on the road. In the meantime, cars were also going by me and I saw one of them was trying to move on the sidewalk on the side of the street. And it crashed right into my car which was in the right-most parking spot, This car had been almost a full sized car, but it didnt look like.

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celebrities that live in naples florida