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Its not easy being green, and sometimes the only way to make your place in this world is to take your balls and leave. We know you see it as a privilege to keep the environment and all it has to offer clean, but as a woman your privilege is starting to get tested. For starters, the amount of waste we produce is ridiculous. We could easily go green and start recycling, but that only gets us so far. Our planet cant support the way were using it; its too full. No, its the cows, the dogs, the rabbits, the chickens; they all help us out. They all have to eat and drink the stuff we produce in order to live. I cant say that as a woman I dont feel it, but as a creature that needs to reproduce, thats where I draw the line. I mean if we dont start producing less waste, and if the livestock isnt getting killed for waste, then we arent eating the way we need to be. Right now in this part of the country, were producing as much waste as a country that has the 7th biggest GDP. And you know what I saw when I looked at some of that GDP. I see a bunch of people sitting around in a room making stuff for other people. Im not making things for myself, I have a job, I have a life, and Im not making waste. In fact Im throwing garbage out, not putting it in a giant factory for the rest of the world to use and pollute. But theres a reason why its hard to be a woman and a gardener, and its because were being judged. I protect my plants from the nasty things that happen in this world. I tend to my plants, and make sure that they are happy. Is it not our place to make sure that the things that happen in the world are something that can be avoided. I guess what this means is, that if we start being anti-woman, were going.

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celebrities that live in georgia