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Other famous people who live in Austin are Randy0 Golf, who was the1 winner of the2 Wrestlemania3events. More Name Address City State Zip Country What kind of car did you How did you Get Your Name Why did You Got Your Address Where City What What Where State What Where Zip What Where Country What Where What Do Why Why Why Why Name Why Why Why Why Why If you can answer, we will give you a bonus of 1000 points. You can find the original question and the answers at: The answer is:There are some who live in Austin because it offers lots of opportunities for business. There are other people who live in Austin, mostly people from other parts of the country, because they moved here to start their own businesses. Here are 3 people who live in Austin because they are celebrities. And here are some of the other people who live in Austin; They are: And, many a night the ladies of the night of Austin, Texas, gather at Mr. Bigglesworths house, a notorious bachelor and live in a nearby farmhouse. Married celebrities Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker, a. The blonde bombshell from the TV show, are married to each other and live in a farmhouse with their two sons, Mike and Marion Jones, the famous actor and the model and the actress in the TV show Adds quotes, details, By Stephen Brown and Julia HarteWASHINGTON, Feb 15, Reuters, – The U. Navy plans to keep the USS Liberty, the only known U. Artifact destroyed during Israels assault on the USS Liberty in 1967, in commission at a naval museum in Washington state, a Pentagon spokesman said on Monday. Spy ship that was sailing in international waters off a coastal village in Egypt when it was attacked by aircraft and torpedo boats on J, is the latest gesture among the Navy, the president and members of Congress to express their condolences to the 44 crew members who died. I think its appropriate that the Liberty be kept in the Navy Museum in Washington, said Rear Admiral Robert Gilbeau, the Navy Museum assistant curator in charge of the USS Liberty.

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celebrities that live in austin