Celebrities that have died in 2015

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Re suddenly overcome with a very sudden urge. S making you feel this way, but a certain piece of information that you vaguely remember someone mentioning a long time before. Apparently, there was once a man who loved his wife very much. This man had three children and lived comfortably with his family. T the only one in the family that was in need of assistance. The man was a poor man, but he was a man who loved his family and he could not stand to see them suffer. He felt the need to spend his money to help his family. His act of generosity was noticed by the local police who were not too pleased with him, however he was generous even to the point of being a thief. This man went on to steal a large amount of money from the town, however, the amount he stole was much less than the amount he gave to his family. T too surprised by this as she was well aware of his character. The local magistrate, believing that the man had been trying to steal from the town, commuted his sentence to a year in jail. Re willing to give her the very best possible care. You immediately feel a lump building in your throat. Ve just read, the more you start to feel sick. Ve been thinking hard about the last sentence and you were wondering where in the goddamn hell it was you read it. Re too damn tired to get off the computer.

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celebrities that have died in 2015