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Mpage-30 Odds are, if youre reading this right now youre in some sort of industry or position of power. In such a position, you have to put in shit you might not normally put in when put in charge. You probably dont have the clout or power to do it personally, but that doesnt mean you couldnt do something about it. If youre feeling nostalgic about your time as a teenager, or if youre feeling nostalgic because you just got a tattoo to celebrate your 15th birthday, you can use your power to make a change. You can start by not voting for Trump. I know there are other things that you can do and I havent described them all yet. You can get involved in politics by running for office or even running for president yourself. Your time as an underappreciated internet meme does not have to be. This is a wiki dedicated to the television series Good Girls Revolt. The series follows a New York City womens jail, specifically run by a young and ambitious female warden, Olivia Munn. The series was filmed in New York City at New Yorks Rikers Island. We can edit this Wiki to reflect the series in the way that youd like it represented. For example, we can include information about the series that wasnt included in the episodes, or we can even take time out to give more of the backstory of characters. Wed really like to make this Wiki a place to discuss the show and its characters, the best way to do that is by editing existing pages, but if youre new to Wikis.

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celebrities that hate trump