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Your favorite celebrity usually follows back. How did you even become a Twitter novice like that. Theyre not very popular You always get the idea that theyre really into the band, but nobody else does. You like to read, but youre better at that than actually doing it. Youre a sports fan, but you watch too many shitty TV programs and dont get out of the house much. Youre an avid video game player, though you have no desire to actually interact with other people on a regular basis. Youre an all-around nerdy girl and even though you dont really care for the term, you do consider yourself a geek. You check your phone every so often to see how your favorite celebrities are doing. Mostly they keep tweeting at their fans, with a bunch of back and forth messages. You have a few hours to waste, so you go and use your laptop to do some homework. The time passes and your mom gets home. You quickly turn it on and see that you cant turn it on at all. When you turn it on, youll save you energy:Your moms face looks like this. Shes very concerned, and you realize that something is very wrong. You pick it up and see that its your father. He doesnt say anything, but he looks concerned as well. You could call the cops on your father. So, what should you do if youre stuck with a dad who abuses you. The cops should have your best interests at heart. Your father doesnt have your best interests at heart. Youre not going to just passively submit to such abuse. You get out of bed and get ready for work. If you dont handle this right, you could end up in serious legal trouble. It was a useless endeavor and you dont need to waste.

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