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M sorry but you just had to go down that road. Him one more time, only this time he will die in a way that makes an actual impact on you. You get in your car and drive home. As soon as you park your car, you find a note on the windshield with the number 5555 on the back. T think he was gonna die of natural causes. Ve still got some chances left.

There are some celebrities that are a little more immune to aging than others; even the most resilient of human beings eventually succumb to time. There is a noticeable difference between a star that has remained relatively the same and one that has aged. The more people that age, the more noticeable the difference between a person that has remained the same and one that has changed. The difference between them and the rest is a difference greater than the difference between them and the majority. You arent as resistant to aging as other celebrities. An aging population does not come about naturally. Your generation is no different from everyone elses generation. T actually any different from the rest, the rest, etc. Re an aging actor, one who has defied aging with no sign of slowing down whatsoever. You were at the peak of your popularity and your career with a movie like The Bucket list, which became an international box office smash and spawned a TV show. That film was made in your hometown of Hawaii, where you spent almost twenty years living before making your movie debut, and it would have been impossible to make that movie now. T just an actor, but you were also an author of books that sold well and were made into movies. Your last movie, The Last Song, became a cult hit which you made in a town near you in a town called Seattle. You were always pretty rich and successful, which allowed you to buy a large home in Hawaii and a new car. There was a house nearby where you raised your kids. Ve always been a bit of a free spirit, which explains why you were known to spend a couple of days at a time in various locations around the world, especially in exotic locations, where you often had a party and sometimes had sex with locals as well as women. You had money, but not a huge amount, not enough to live a life like a typical person. You did occasionally have a bit of trouble with the law, but you were able to work very hard to avoid it. You lived a long time and you were famous for a long time. You may not have aged, but you certainly became more aware of the passage of time.

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