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Re going to do with your remaining years. Ve already been dead for several hours, right. T go on living in a state of eternal death. Ll probably be in one of the cells right now. T YOU doing better than I am. Are you really as happy in this place as you have always claimed to be. M not sure what the point would be anymore.

Your life has changed immeasurably since the last time you were at this arcade. You dont know what you wouldve done without Muffy. While she was in charge of everything, youd been hanging out with her. You dont know if you wouldve gone out there, had the opportunity to. Youve never gone out in the daytime before. Your heart pounds as the fear starts to come on. You look around and see a line of people slowly creeping up the stairs of the arcade in front of you. Youve never had to wait in line before, ever. You turn your back on the people lining up, to head down the stairs towards Muffy. You dont know how long you stay in the arcade, but when you look back up, you see Muffy and the two men walking towards you from the front. You still havent gotten out of the line on the second floor though. Youre going to have to find a way to get out of here. You look around at the people still waiting patiently in line. You dont leave the lineYou dont move. You turn around and lean against the wall of the line. Even if you did get out of here, theres no telling how long it would take to get out of the arcade. The line is still moving slower than it should be. The people who were supposed to leave a little while ago are still in line. You feel completely out of place right about now. You have to leave, but you also have to be able to find a job in town. Muffin asks you as she walks up to you. You walk awayYou dont know why you arent going to this thing. A long line of people is waiting to see you, and the man who sold you this ticket is standing there, as if hes going to be in your way the entire time.

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celebrities that don t age