Celebrities that died from aids

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Your mind is a blur as you hear the sad tale of famous celebrities, each one dying of a different ailment. Some, like the aforementioned Eazy-E have died from AIDs. Several other famous people that died of AIDS are: Whitney Houston, Michael J. Fox, Madonna and Whitney Houstons mother too. Some of the deaths of celebrities are somewhat strange because they died from AIDS, but not of AIDs. Some deaths were due to accidents, some suicide and many times the deaths were simply a result of the illnesses themselves. Your mind is a blank as you watch several celebrity deaths as they fade into the distance. Your mouth falls wide open as dozens of questions flood your mind, but you try and keep your thoughts positive. You quickly realize that your life is nothing but a series of sad deaths. You start overYou have to take control of your life and start over somewhere else, somewhere you can have a family. You need to get a job now, to make money for the medicine you are going to need. You need to make arrangements to get yourself a date, to get a job, a girlfriend, a wife, a kid. You are going to have to start fresh and make your life as a regular person. You need to change your life, you.

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celebrities that died from aids