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The rest of all of us suffer an unfortunate fate that we can nevernever be young again: we lose our looks. You think back to your mom s advice, and it occurs to you that she was probably right. In fact, you feel like you can look back on your own life now and see the wisdom behind the words. Maybe there is some truth to mom s advice after all. You havent been feeling so positive since that fateful date with mom. You have been having thoughts of not even going to the concert. You go on this date with mom and you dont drink anymore, but you dont really think about your future that much. After the date, you just stay at home while your mom does the dishes and takes care of the baby. Mom makes sure things are OK, but your mind is only on bad things that could happen. Your mom is a single mother, so she is on her own in some ways. She has been working since the second grade and is now in her seventh year of being a housewife. She is a very good one, but she cant do this forever. She just wants to be able to go back to working in her home business, but she needs someone to help her on those days she cant. One day when you are in her room, while you are just sitting on her bed, she says, So, you will go to that concert tonight. I mean will your body be able to go through with this. Ve already made up your mind. Ve thought about this a lot more since mom started working. You are about to yell at her for not helping you out more, but you feel really bad and say nothing. They have really made you sad and you are still a little upset. Later on when you get home, you go to your bedroom and sit down on your bed.

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