Celebrities that didn t age well

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Thats not a sentiment you could have evaded. You should know your place Christina. If youre going to be in a movie, you should act like it. Who are some of the other celebs with no discernible age. There are a few of us that havent aged at all, maybe you should get to know us better. I was at the premiere of the movie The Lost City of Z, and I talked with you, a lot. I havent gotten that far yet; Id like to at least know more about these others. Well, there are a few of us who do have a lot of experience, and that is quite obvious. There is no way you could have met all of us; Id say at least 23 of us havent encountered any humans, let alone spoken to them. If you cant name the rest, then you must have more experience than I would have guessed or more. However, I dont find you to be as interesting or relatable as the rest. However, as you are a celebrity, your social situation might be a bit different than my own. I would like to know how we all might relate to one another socially and how you might relate to us in general. Im really not sure about that, but I could be wrong about that. Well, maybe its best you find out how we relate to one another in a slightly different manner. I mean the thing about celebrities, is they are generally very careful about the fact that they do not appear to be talking to themselves. So if you do not feel comfortable, that should be fine. Good, Im glad you didnt say anything else. Oh no, were not done now. Id love to hear from you on something else. What else happened while you were in my studio.

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celebrities that didn t age well