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Jpg Piers Morgan, Being rich and famous is just a faadeThe new series of Doctor Who gets its first trailer this morning, and it looks pretty good. This is the first ever trailer for the new series, and it focuses heavily on how the TARDIS flies. This was something that was made obvious a few times with the old Doctor Who, and this was a big part of the show that could never be done again with the new series. Its definitely one of the more interesting things to look at from the trailer. That being said, I dont know exactly what is going on with the trailer. I guess thats not really important, because Im really just here to talk about the Doctor Who trailer. Im not convinced, but its pretty damn cool. Heres the trailer:You know what else makes me think its a TV-show. Im pretty sure weve seen the Doctor fly the TARDIS before. The Doctor was probably playing the piano, he was probably not flying the TARDIS. Its just a trailer, though, and Im happy to wait until it comes on BBC One to find out. On Wednesday night, the House Oversight Committee held a hearing on the IRS scandal. One of the key questions at the hearing was whether Lois Lerner, the former official in charge of the embattled agency, had lied under oath. Darrell Issa, R-CA a deputy director of the IRS, said Ms. Lerners counsel have also provided sworn declarations from Ms. Lerner, the person who provided the purported IRS emails to the committee and the FBI. Lerner never sought or obtained any exemption from the IRSs regulations regarding the production of IRS records. Notably, this declaration is a legal document, not an oath. The Oversight Committee, on its website, also says the committee is committed to seeking the truth in this matter. The committees chairman, Darrell Issa claimed that this was the only way to prove Lerner was lying. And what is more important than the truth is that Lois Lerner not be allowed to hide in the White House and pretend that this never occurred, Issa said. He has repeatedly subpoenaed records relating to the IRS, and he also threatened Lerner with contempt of Congress.

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