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On the night of the eclipse, she was watching a movie on one of her big screens. Suddenly, a bright light blinded her, and at first she thought that one of the planes had hit her neighborhood. T want to go back to her movie, so she decided to run to the only place she could think of to get some comfort: the movie that was showing on her big screen. T even realize that she was staring at herself for the last time. T just the happy feeling of seeing herself, but also that of the happiness of others seeing her. People said it really made her feel comfortable, like she was part of something bigger than herself. The eclipse was truly transformative, and in the following years, the planet Virgo would become more and more in sync with this higher frequency. As time went by, Virgo was also becoming more attractive to humanity. It was the planet that was attracting all the talent that was needed for the future. On the surface, the people were happy, but there was also a dark underbelly to the planet that the humans were too ignorant to see, and that was what was to come later. Virgo was in the middle of an ecliptic orbit, and it would take 30 years for Virgo to return to a stationary orbit. Even in the 30th year, humanity has yet to catch up with Virgo. On a side note, the only celebrities that came out during this time were Elvis Presley and the Sex Pistols. Now the planet Venus is in the middle of what has been called a retrograde motion. S currently moving in the same direction of Virgo, which is currently moving in an opposite direction. That would mean that Virgo would be moving backwards, which means that on the night of September 22, Virgo will pass the star Vega, Beta Virginis, for the first time. In 2012, an eclipse will be visible across the whole planet, and the stars will get very deep in the west as the Sun disappears behind the mountains. But as you can see from the stars in the sky, something else will be happening on the planet in the next year.

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