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Get our daily newsletter Upgrade your inbox and get our Daily Dispatch and Editors Picks. Vegan Celebrity, a new series, starts with a couple of examples from the world of entertainment. Natalie Portman, a 25-year-old actress, has been vegan for four years. That is, she doesnt want to harm the animals by selling or using their products, and she also doesnt want to hurt the environment by releasing their products into the environment when she kills them to keep her vegan diet. It made me realise there were many other animals and people who shouldnt be treated in ways that I wouldnt treat a friend or family member, she says. The second celebrity in the series is the singer John Legend, who, like Ms Portman, has been a vegan for four years. In this case, he follows the diet purely because he worries about the effect it might have on the planets climate. He was once asked what was the reason for his veganism; he replied that he was not going to endanger the world by eating animal products. In some cases the celebrities reasons are rather strange, but the series is also being marketed as a healthy alternative to the conventional Hollywood lifestyle. For example, Ms Portman writes about her veganism in her book, Id seen the effect that animals have on the environment, and I just thought, Im not going to eat them. Ms Portman also goes on to say that she thinks it is insane that someone can be a vegetarian and, when eating out, not eat all the meat that they order. In the UK, a child can be legally considered to be a vegetarian if they are eating the whole animal and all the blood, fat, blood derivatives, connective tissue, nerves, organs and other parts of the body of an animal. The celebrity who made the best case for the diet was Ms Portmans friend and fellow actor, Robin Williams, who said, I used to eat animals and I didnt feel bad about it. He said he could no longer stand the smell of slaughterhouses and thought that he had just done a terrible thing to the suffering animals. His vegetarianism was the result of guilt, and he had thought he was being the kindest person possible. He told the New York Times: I thought I was doing the most good for animals. A good argument can be made, and a good example can be made with this series, that these celebrities are demonstrating a better way of living for themselves and others, which is good for the planet.

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celebrities that are vegan