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They re reading the same things youre reading now. Theyre both reading the same book, right. You go inside and kill themYou dont know your own strength any better than they do. After all, theyre both trying to kill you. Get the hell out of here, you fucking coward. You yell, feeling her body move as she moves her body to move out of your range. I heard your words, and I want to help you. You rush into the room, grabbing her arm as she attempts to pull away from you. You pull her back in, and then slam her into the wall hard. Her face hits the wall, and her eyes roll in the back of her head as her head slumps against the wall. You pull off her glove, and pull her own out of her other hand. You turn her, and slap her across her face. She says, standing up and walking over to you. A blade of light comes from the book, and she swings it down, hitting your chest. Well, it looks like I will get to see how tough you are, huh.

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celebrities favorite books