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Tidaltv, on at 12:36pm PDTThe site has also been doing a good job at bringing celebrities to the forefront. Theres been a lot of talk lately about how the music industry is becoming a one-sided cash-grabbing scheme for artists, but TIDAL has been trying to offer a new alternative, one thats focused on letting fans pay to get access to artists. Tidaltv, on at 7:11pm PDTIt sounds like the company has found a lot of success thus far in the live streaming space. The TIDAL is free tagline has been everywhere, see the Facebook photos of a young guy with a TIDAL is free sticker on his forehead and it definitely brings hope to the many of us who feel the music industry is slowly killing its artists. Tidaltv, on at 6:38pm PDTTheres also the fact that the company has been putting huge emphasis on its ad-supported service. TIDAL wont charge you anything to listen to its content, but it will stream ad-free. In other words, TIDAL is giving free music to its listening audience in exchange for their ad-free listening experience. Tidaltv, on at 6:36pm PDTOf course, a lot of that ad-free listening is probably just going to be through TIDALs own service, but thats their incentive. You know, if you can find a way to stream TIDAL without paying. TIDAL is also pretty adamant in being able to stream content from other sources, too. It offers an API to other services so they can stream directly to users, and it does work with Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Rdio, and others. In fact, there are some rumors swirling that TIDAL wants to expand into Amazon, Hulu, and more. We dont really know much about this yet, but wed love to know what you all think. So head on over to TIDAL to take a look, and let us know your thoughts. 53, 32 tix, Modern Elvesby SaffronOlive Tweetvideo modernI think we all knew the Modern Eldrazi deck was going to be a thing when it was first spoiled, and it finally happened this weekend in Indianapolis. Lets take a look at the top decks, and which ones to play to beat them.

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