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The other Actress who is reportedly a big smoker is Mila Kunis. S smoked are David Zuckerman and John Cusack. Your mother has always been something of a heavy smoker. In fact, when you were growing up, your mother was the one who taught you the basic rules of nicotine dependency. She used to make elaborate rants about how smoking caused lung cancer and that it would shorten your life span. Re there to save her life, not do a little pot smoking or, god forbid, a little vodka. I told you not to sneak off in the middle of the night to get some shit. M just going to read over here. You turn around and spot your cat, Dusty staring back at you from your chair. You take the cat, and give him a quick pat. You start rubbing his back and scratch his back, and Dusty cuddles right in front of you. M doing a little better than my real mom in that department.

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