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A few years later, I had the idea to take a class. I had been a bit of a geek ever since I was a little kid. My earliest memories are of building models of spacecraft and space ships and then building more models of those and so on. One of my first real jobs after university was working as a model maker. I still remember my first job interview where they had to test my skill and they had a bunch of models on a shelf for me to try to figure out how I did it; not exactly the best way to start out in the world of business, I spent a lot of my time playing around on the Internet with other model makers and tweaking their models until they looked cool enough so that I could sell them in my shop. I dont know how well I did, but that was my first real step into being a full-time model maker. I kept doing that for years and years and years until I finally got so good at it that I could start making my own models and sell them directly to the public through my online store. Of sorts, Around that time, I also got a real job. I had been doing that part time for a few years since I did not want to live in my moms basement. My mom had a few health problems in the past couple years Yes, I know I should have been more careful with my drinking, but. I had been doing it for so long and my lifestyle seemed to be working out for me, However, I kept the model making a full time job. I had to because I had to pay the bills and the more money I made, I could buy more booze to drink and get more stoned and do even more model making. And eventually, I did so for so long that I got really good at it that I began making enough money to buy my own house. While I dont remember your father from your memories, I can remember that you were pretty normal looking for your age. It was only my mother who I got to spend time with and who I dated for over three years until we finally divorced in 2007. She was a party animal, I guess, I think I can honestly say that I was very good at my job as a model maker. I was very skilled at building models and I wasnt afraid of letting my guard down just so I could get a picture with you. It was a good thing too; you were my perfect boyfriend at the time. Now, I can see you, still sleeping in your mothers basement. Even now, I find myself wondering when the hell that will end, You are so very much like your father.

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