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Theres also a whole list of other celebrities who smoke. At one time he used to smoke 15 joints a day, so his smoking rate has probably goosed since. At one time Mandy Patinkin smoked a shocking amount of weed for a movie star. As for the celebrities that are not famous for being stoned, the majority of them have either quit smoking weed or they dont do it as often as they used to. The celebs that still smoke weed are Kristen Stewart and Leonardo DiCaprio. There are other celebrities that are known to smoke weed. There are other celebrities, such as Madonna and Prince, who have partied with gays. It s not real common knowledge, but most, but not all, of the famous people who are famous for being stoned, are musicians. I have a feeling that, at some point, youllThe next time you are going to a club, ask one or two people there about the celebrities who smoke. If it is a club that you go to frequently and you know people that frequent it, theres a good chance that those people will know the celebrities that smoke. If you are going to a club where you dont know anyone, it may be that the people who frequent the club dont know the celebrities who smoke. The problem is, is that it is rare for people to know celebrities that smoke. If you go to a party, you expect to find people you know. If all else fails, you could simply go down to the corner store and buy a joint. You could use the joint to get you through the night. You could, on the other hand, use the drug for more appropriate purposes and use it to keep you from having a bad trip. A few things to note about the drug:If you abuse it, you will probably get a bad trip. You may even end up vomiting so you might need to go to the hospital. Remember, if you have a bad trip, you may want to go to the hospital or emergency room, just in case. Therefore, if you are caught, you could get arrested if you end up in jail. Thats what I have to tell you about how to get the drug for the film. To sum up this story, there are two choices to consider.

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