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GoodnightBrunos bed is too big so you go to sleep on the couch, but then he notices you and the next thing you know, youre snuggled up to him in bed. The next morning Bruno tries to wake you, but you wake up first. After checking if youre still asleep he decides that you should be awake and comes back with a plate of pancakes. Here you are, my love, he says with a smile. You pancakesYou eat the pancakes and sit up to see Brunos face. The next dayYou wake up in the morning and are surprised to find Bruno watching you. Im just fine, you say, I was dreaming. You look up at Bruno and nod in his face. I guess if you like, we can start somewhere else. I mean I know you like dreams, I mean you were dreaming about me all night long, and I was wondering if it was okay if we. I think were going to have to go with it, you say while still looking at him. Okay Bruno says and kisses you on the head. The next day, you wake up to Bruno sleeping in your bed. He doesnt wake you up, he just snores in your hand. Ive been dreaming about you all night, you say. Ive had those about myself too, they are different. Well lets move on to the next part, Bruno continues and you stop staring at him. Bruno sniffs once more, but continues to leave. As he goes into his room, you start to cry. I dont like you, you tell the dream version of Bruno and call him back out of the dream version of the street.

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