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A new study from the United Kingdom has concluded that the number of people that commit suicide in the U. Could be much higher than previously thought. 5 and 7 per 100,000 people higher than previously thought, but there are multiple factors that could cause this. The study looked at data from the Office of National Statistics and compared the rate of suicides for the U. With suicide rates from other European countries that have similar populations, along with the U. Is Northern Ireland, which is a jurisdiction that experienced a major paramilitary-led conflict between the British Army and the Irish Republican Army in the late 1970s and 80s. The problem, however, is that a significant portion of the Northern Ireland population lives outside of the jurisdiction of the U. This is not to say that everyone in Northern Ireland commits suicide, but it is certainly a large portion of the population in the region that has a higher chance of dying of suicide than those living under a U. Government has been taking a variety of legal and bureaucratic steps to address the situation and has taken a number of drastic steps. In March 2015, a suicide barrier was built along parts of the A1 motorway in Northern Ireland, an action that saw a significant drop in suicides. A few months later, in August 2015, a law enforcement officer in Northern Ireland was shot dead by a man brandishing a knife, a murder that has resulted in one of the most significant prison escapes in the U. These events have not gone unnoticed by the public and have caused a great deal of discussion about the issue of mass suicides. In addition, the recent increase in the unemployment rate in the U. And the economic climate across the globe has been a major factor in this. While its a tragedy that those living under the rule of the British National Government are finding it increasingly difficult to survive in the face of a global economic climate that is causing widespread suffering, its important to keep in mind that suicide rates are higher in Northern Ireland than they are in the U. The study that the BBC referenced said that the number of suicides is probably not significantly higher than those that occur in the U. Because statistics on suicides are difficult to obtain due to a number of factors. Theres several reasons for that, Professor David Stuckler of the University of Brighton.

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