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ComThe thread, which has now been archived, but cant be saved was a lengthy discussion between Redditor S4xNp5z and Redditor TheCrazyOne. The argument started over the fact that S4xNp5z was not going to vote in the popular vote, but TheCrazyOne said he had to vote in order to post to gain karma, and S4xNp5z said that was racist. The thread was up for almost 24 hours before redditor j0hnny1j0, a moderator over rfunny, noticed that the thread had already been deleted, so he requested that it be posted on its regular sub reddit. To all you people complaining about this being racist, the reason this thread got deleted was because its racist, said j0hnny1j0. Its literally racist to not vote in the popular vote. S4xNp5z has since deleted all comments from the thread, but the post has been preserved in the archive. The rfunny subreddit is now being flooded with users complaining about the rCringeSeeker thread. Image via RedditIn her new book, The Work of the People, journalist and activist Jill Stein asks whether we need a whole new paradigm of public policy. The book is an urgent call to reorient our current institutions to account for the global realities of our time, Stein said in an interview with Salon. Stein, an independent candidate for president who is supported by many Democrats and many progressives, is running a campaign of alternative energy, environmental and social policy. As Stein explains in the book, this is not an attack on politics by corporations; rather, it is an attack on the political systems failed economics in general. The United States has been an economic powerhouse without a social contract with the people, she said. She writes that the social contract in the US is broken, because many of its beneficiaries are wealthy elite who control the political process and therefore the policy agenda and that the social contract has been weakened and is being eroded by increasing income inequality, by the corporate capture of political power, by the loss of collective rights and by the concentration of wealth and power among a small number of corporations and financial institutions. Stein explains in the book that this is why we need a new paradigm of public policy. The book is a call for a new government funded by corporations to be put in place, Stein said in an interview. The social contract is broken, and this is why we need a new paradigm of government. We need to restore the peoples economic power by rebuilding our economy and by instituting.

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